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After The Storm


After The Storm

Living inside this tent with each stake sturdy to ground,
just weathering a storm as those rains began to sound..
Turbulent winds berating their dominance to natures sway.
hurling bolts above my head, to send theft fury my way.
Clusters of nebula clamoring to over cast the angry sky,
intimating all my sane, were the tears of rain soon to pry.
Trembling beneath soy skin craving warmth now long away,
once stable to the ground. when suddenly toy legs would give way.
Moving upward bound taken hostage by a swirling funnel cloud,
scr ami for my tent, to wake those angels from their shroud.
Rising from near death was a gurney where I would lay,
fresh were the memories of a life I lived from day to day.
To each one special were those visions I would see,
that to five that I may love again.
in this life....a life so precious to me.