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Happy Birthday big sister ! Birthday Wishes For big sister !

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Happy Birthday big sister ! Birthday Wishes For big sister !

Hello big sister,

It’s so neat, we spent another year together! I'm really happy to have you as a sister and to have all those beautiful memories with you.
I adore you, you're the best sister and your birthday will be very great this year! We will celebrate it as it should! At every birthday a lots of memories coming back. It was always funny when we were fighting as kids to know who had the biggest cake, the most beautiful candles or the best gifts to our birthday! We were both strong in bickering. Mom and Dad were trying to stop us but I'm sure that it was hard to don't laugh !
This year, promised, I will try to be wise and let you enjoy! Be ready because you will be spoiled! Beware, I really want eat cake too and I wouldn't hesitate to jump on the first opportunity to pinch your part! But don't worry, I have provided for candies and lots of good things in case you don't have enough! We never know, maybe I even have planned a surprise for you! I'm glad for every birthdays because it reminds me how we had fun child! I always wanted do everything like you! By the way mom and dad kept saying that we were alike as two peas in a pod, but it's surely because I was imitating you!
I wanted all the time have the same objects and the same toys as my big sister! Thank you, you was here to helped me all this years! Thanks to you, everything has been easier! Without your help, I wonder how I would have done all those homework at school! Without you I would never had so much fun! I loved when you explained to me, because I was spending time with my big sister! Even if sometimes, you were wrong as much as me! Fortunately we were there for each other when we were both lost! Do you remember those moments when we were quarreling to know who was the most beautiful or the most intelligent? I often sulked, but I wanted so much kiss my big sister to make me forgive! I was waiting impatiently the moment when I could jump into your arms and give you a big hug! All our birthdays were great too, we both played and you tickled me! It was funniest when mom and dad was involved! They were trying to calm us down and clean up all the foolishness that we had done! There was really everywhere every time!
Now you have a new year! Maybe that you don't want tickle and cuddle anymore, but I want to thank you for all those good times. There are also fewer toys in your gifts now! But don't worry, I will not hesitate to borrow your makeup, your clothes or your perfume as I did with your toys! I hope that all the little gifts that we found to you will make you very happy! We will do a lot of new things this year! I hope you're ready for our next outings between sisters! We'll go shopping as soon as possible! After all, this birthday is also a great opportunity to change your wardrobe! We will also do window shopping in front of the perfumeries and the jeweler’s shops! I can't wait ! And if you want, for your birthday, I can offer you a new haircut! You deserve to take a break and I'm sure that you'll be exited to change your look. We will have a good time together!
If I like spending time with you, it's also because you're my model. Before I was imitating you without really thinking, but now I'm doing it because I'm proud of my big sister! Every year I'm moved for your birthday, but I also feel very lucky to have you by my side every days! It's really a huge chance to had grown up with you! I hope you will also spend great time with your friends for your birthday! In any case we are ready to make you your party! We have decorations, balloons, streamers and confetti. You have maybe grown up but there are not thirty-six thousand ways to celebrate a birthday! This birthday will be unforgettable! You have always done everything to make mine fantastic, so I hope return you the favor! But most of all, I love you, you are my beloved sister, and I am really happy when I see you smiling with all the family! We bend over backwards to give you the best birthday so I hope you'll have a good time. In the meanwhile, it's up to me to say thank you again for this super year! We will still have fun between sisters and continue to support each other! Stay as cool this year as you have been the others. I will never be able to tell you enough ,so I just tell you once time again, you are the prettiest, the smartest, the kindest of the big sisters! Thanks for being so awesome!

Happy birthday sister, enjoy!

Your little sister who loves you with all her heart!

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