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Happy birthday mom!

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Happy birthday mom!

My beloved mom,

I am really happy to write this little letter for the best and the most beautiful mom! Happy birthday ! You're awesome, I love you so much. Thanks to you, I'm always fine, I know that I can all the time count on you and tell you everything! You're the person I have the most faith in. Thanks to you nothing makes me scared, because I know my mom will still support me when I don't feel good or just need help.
I will never thank you enough for all the happiness that you bring in my life! Thank you for raising me, always being patient, understanding, kind and for helping me so much every time! There is nothing that can makes me more proud than having you as a mother. I have the feeling that thanks to you we are and will continu to be the happiest and the most united family in the world!
So today, for this special day, I just wish you a happy birthday, but I want you to know that I love you more than anything.

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