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Happy Birthday my son ! Birthday Wishes for his son !

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Happy Birthday my son ! Birthday Wishes for his son !

Hello son,

It's a big day for you, because you just took one year! We have a lots of memories and pride's moments that we wanted to remember today. You have been a great source of happiness for us, and we hope that by reading this letter you will remember all the good times. On your first birthday, you were already a hard nut to crack! You attacked your first cake without giving it any chance and you gulped it! Now you're eating cleanly, but we're still moved when we thinking back, at every delicious family meal, about your strength of character.

We hope that you will set the table this year! Don't hesitate to have the eyes bigger than the tummy, you need to take a maximum of strength and energy! A birthday is only celebrated once a year, so you can stop your efforts one day and be relax! We trust you to eat as much as you can! Fill your stomach to the brim, just keep some space for the cake and some strength to blow your candles!

The memories of the moments spent at your side resurge when we write this letter. We saw you learn to walk and talk, become strong and confident. See you grow up gave us a lots of joy. See you become an accomplished man makes us really proud and unite us.

When you went to school for the first time, we trusted on our champion. And the least we can say is that you didn't disappoint us! But you still surprise us and make us more and more proud by your success! We totally trust you to continue like this. Pick you up at school and seeing you motivated and happy was the best gift during those years. A gift that we would never hoped.

And, remember, you also had your bad temper! But we keep in mind the image of a little boy who takes responsibility for his bad behavior and comes give a big hug to mom and dad! Now, we don't cuddle you a lots, but this letter is our way to reminding you that we love you.

We also remember you running everywhere, it was hard to catch you! And uncountable hours of happiness in family to playing sports, running, playing outside and trying to follow an energetic boy! It was difficult, but so funny!

There are too many memories to write everything in one letter! Do you remember those afternoons playing toys cars and spinning tops? We were trying to win, but you were much stronger than us! Today we are more and more impressed by your determination and your strength of character. There are things wich don't change! Your toys cars and your spinning-tops were still throw in there maximum speed! We are so happy to have spend all this great time with this little boy.

Then you turned to other horizons! The football and the motorbike have started to take a big importance in your life and in ours. It was a huge source of satisfaction for us to see you training, working and surpassing yourself. A little voice in our head was saying to us "Be proud! This is your son ! "

We still heard this voice all the time, and each day we are more and more agree with her. Now, you are a man but we have never stopped being proud of you and your choices.

Today, you took one year, happy birthday, but you're still our beloved boy. We remember your first decisions, every moments you wanted to take your responsibilities and make your own choices. We saw you becoming a man. We remember it with happiness and pride. Your parents are happy with the young man that you are, responsible and confident.

We have seen you grow up more and more, over the days, months and years, you have build a true stature and a presence wich enthrall us. Like an athlete, you pass the stages, one by one, thanks to your training and your mind. And we remember all these difficult moments, those moments of training where you never gave up. You gave us every time reason to believe in you.

We yearn to see the way that you will follow! Don't forget that we will support you in your projects. Your parents will always be ready to coach you and give you all the help and strength that you will need. But they are also here to tell you that they love you, and thank you for all these years of joy and happiness that you brought to them.

This year again, we wanted to tell you how much you make us happy and proud. This year again, we wanted to remind you how much we are aware of your efforts and your strength. This year again, we wanted to say you thank you for being our best gift ever. This year again, we wanted to wish you the most fantastic, funniest and the most explosive birthday!

Daddy and mommy proud of their son. Happy Birthday!

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