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Heroes (of the Covid-19 crisis)

MH O'Farrelly

New member
It spread round the world at a frightening pace
To each corner of earth, each country, each place.
Though Covid's arrived, it's our goal now to beat
This most deadly disease we'll together defeat
By halting the virus advancing its spread
In the track of its journey and stop it stone dead.
So here in this crisis these words seek to praise
All those heroes who help in these difficult days.

Praise first goes to those who with courageous zeal
Are out there in hospitals working to heal
Those who most need the great care they deliver
Each arrow of treatment they pull from their quiver
Cuts down the great damage this virus has wreaked
And will flatten the curve where its chaos has peaked.
Each of us whether or not we're infected
Thank, pray and hail them for the lives they've protected.

So many more whose profession is healing
Deserve to hear just how grateful we're feeling
For the work they do in community care
Those most wonderful people who are employed there
They treat us so just the most critical cases
Remain the ones cared for in ICU spaces.
They work hard leading our crisis solution
We must not forget their vital contribution.

And when medicine we need to acquire
Our pharmacists are there to meet those desires.
And so many people in so many ways
Ensure it's possible that home everyone stays:
Like carers at home (they need every support
And help for cocooned neighbours must never run short);
Or those who ensure post, water and power
Are there when required, whatever the hour.

We should also recall we're watered and fed
So many guarantee that this can still be said:
The farmers and truck drivers and all those who
Make sure that our supplies find that they can get through;
The grocers who ultimately stock the shelves
With their teams at the coalface as we help ourselves
To buy everything we need to drink and eat.
Without them this would be an impossible feat.

Those at the frontline they are many and brave
Though they welcome our thanks it is healing they crave.
But we also know that support stands behind:
From those teams contact tracing infections to find;
To researchers working on finding a cure;
And our global leaders if uncertain or sure.
Each trying hard to make correct decisions
Let's praise all attempts to resolve this condition.

Before we move now on to our final verse
We just must for a minute reflect on the purse
That's missing from many for their livelihoods
Are lost as they're jobless but let's make sure this should
Be temporary and for a time that's brief.
And so when from this virus we get our relief
We will count the physical and mental cost
So let's do all we can to keep lives from being lost.

Let's finally now think of each of us all
As we're learning to answer our scientists's calls
To heed advice and to socially distance
It's only with everyone's solid persistence
That we will stop Covid extending its spread
And soon in the track of its journey stop dead.
So follow the rules and make sure it can't thrive
So we can all be heroes and all save more lives.

©MH O'Farrelly
30th April, 2020