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I Call It Love by Gary Inx


New member
I see your hate, I see your anger
It's from nothing I did, you fell in love
My sin is just for being a man you love
If I haven't really noticed you I apologise

Too many women in my circle I'm sorry
I couldn't notice you come talk to me
I promise you'll find a humble person
I'm just too shy to start a conversation

Now you call me "Up market", really!!
Now you call me names, really!!
Why do you care so much for my hello?
The rights to my hello are reserved

You're not my friend it's hard to notice you
Join my close friends I'll surely notice you
Try your best to get to know me I'm shy
I'm happy in my bubble, I don't like change

Now you hate me for not noticing you
How can you hate me you don't know me
Stop hating and you'll be surprised you'll
find that your name is written in my heart

Hate is too much my shyness is confused
I call your hate love, please let me in
I call your hate love, let's talk the talk
Yes I call it love, I call it love
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