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Letter of love for my big sister, I love you big sister!

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Letter of love for my big sister, I love you big sister!

Hello big sister!
I was really looking forward to writing to you! Here is a little letter to remind you that I love you more than anyone in the world! Besides being the prettiest big sister, you are also the funniest! So I'm writing to you this letter to remind you a lot of good times we had together! I hope it will please you! Anyhow, I cannot wait for you to read it!

You are a model to me! Whenever I want to learn how to do something new, I'm inspired by you! Besides, I know you will always be there to help me and advise me if I need it! With your help, I learned a lot! Whether it's how to make my laces, put on my clothes or brush my teeth, I learned it by watching you and following your example! We look alike because I've always tried to do everything like you!

Do you remember when we were children and played together? I loved seeing my big sister smiling at me and explaining to me a lot of things! Whether it was when you both jumped all over the house like crazy little girls or when you explained to me how to make my dolls look beautiful, what gave me the greatest pleasure each time was to be able to have fun with you!

You have always been there to reassure me! Even when I had small anxieties, I knew that my big sister would be ready to explain everything to me! And sometimes I pretended to be scared or sad just to feel lucky that my big sister come and hug me! It's true, it's bad to lie, but it made me too happy! You’re so awesome!

Thanks to you I'm not afraid of anything, I can go to school, have fun, make lots of friends, all this knowing that at any little problem that I could have my super big sister would be there to comfort me! When I went to school for the first time, I was a bit scared, but I was also super proud to be able to go there to try to do as well as my big sister! Beware, I'll even try to do better!

Tu es toujours là pour m’aider quand je ne comprends pas tout, que ce soit à la maison ou à l’école! Tu es super intelligente et tu m’expliques toujours bien et gentiment! C’est chouette d’avoir une grande sœur qui fait plein d’efforts! Merci beaucoup pour toute l’aide que tu me donnes!
You are always there to help me when I do not understand everything, whether at home or at school! You are super smart, and you always explain me well and gently! It's great to have a big sister who makes a lot of effort! Thank you very much for all the help you give me!

Now and then we argue a little, but that's what I like least in the world! Fortunately, I know that with you everything always ends well! When we are reconciled, and we are full of kisses and hugs it is the best feeling ever! Fortunately, you are too fantastic to fight too often!

As a child, I also loved your tickling and sweet words! I grew up with you with lots of love and I want to give you a little bit with this letter too! To mean that I really love my big sister with all my heart!

You always do your best to please me! I'm really lucky to have such a big sister, always ready to help out her little sister! You never hesitate to work, to teach me what I need to know in life and to show me fantastic things!

With you, I feel that everything is super easy! You always think about everything! Sometimes I'm a bit up, but I know my big sister is here and everything will be fine thanks to her! But do not forget big sister, I'm here for you too! I can count on you, I'm sure, but you can count on me too!

I look forward to our next sister outings! Each time, you are super thoughtful, you always try to find a small gift for me or to make a little surprise! Next time I promised it's me who offers you what you want! Without discuss! Little sisters must also spoil their older sisters, especially when they are as good as you! We will both have fun, and we will take the opportunity to buy new outfits and have girls’ chat! It'll be great because it will be with you!

Spending time with you is wonderful! We are a great family and you are always available, kind and ready to give the best of yourself to bring us happiness and joy! It's great to know that every time we celebrate a birthday or Christmas, I will have the best big sister in the world by my side to make all these wonderful moments even more magical!

I wanted to give you this letter to remind you that I love you more than anything and that you are really a fantastic person! It's not much, but it was important for me and if I managed to make you a bit happy, I will already be super glad!

We will still have fun between sister, laugh, make kisses, cuddles, stand together, and love each other like the two happiest sisters in the world! And all that thanks to you and your kindness!

I wanted to write you to tell you that I'm lucky to have you as a big sister and that I know it! So again, I say thank you for being the more beautiful and nicest big sister, the best big sister in the whole world, the one I could not have even dreamed of!

Your little sister who loves you more than anything.

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