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Letter to my school teacher

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Letter to my school teacher,

Dear teacher, it's already the end of the school year and I wouldn't leave without thanking you for everything you learnt me. With you I learnt a lots: to count, to read, to write, it's thanks to you that I can continue my journey.

If I write you this letter, it's because I want that you remember me. Dear teacher, you will always stay in my heart.

This year was for me the year of happiness, a superb teacher who never gave up was by my side to help me in all my difficulties .

I know that I wasn't very wise, that I sometimes worked not well and forgot to do my homework, but finally you were there to advise me and put me back on the right way.

You was a part of my life throughout my schooling, because we spent many hours together. How can I forget someone with this conditions? I really appreciate you and I would like turn back the clock to start again this adventure with you by my side. But I want also continue my journey to show everything you taught me. I promise to always honor you, to don't forget that without you: my writing would be insipid, the multiplication table learnt half and I would have voluntarily reversed the direction of my book.

Dear teacher, I will never forget you!

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