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You are dangerously wild
Uncontrollably destructive
You came to me during my darkest hours
Like an uninvited presence
You’ve shaken me to my core
To a journey I didn’t want to climb aboard
As I cry in shame in utter despair
Your are the shadows I have come to dread
Please stop knocking on my door
I cannot take this anymore
You have unfairly won
Stealing joy for the one I love
Forgiveness you say?
How I passionately dream of that day
resentment you have captured me
Chaining me slowly to the ground
You have chosen me but I have not chosen you
You continue to be persistant like flames in a wildfire
Burning fiercely and wildly into my spirit
You are not more than a liar
My heart will seek healing
Just wait and see
There will be no more you and me
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