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Say to Another Broken Heart


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Feign not for the lover that passed by
Feign not in remembrance and cry
The pangs of seperation prickles close to a thorn I know
But feign not for too long
That it takes away your sanity
And the sinking Heart feels forever empty
And I say feign not, but won't you listen
A broken heart listens to None
Yet still I say from what I see
Love's been heightened close to impossibility
And lovers don't break apart at times...they give up
But feign not in absolution of the tears
For the one that got away
The one that did betray
That one secret love
And such countless stories that didn't last
And I say feign not, but won't you listen
Singing sad alibis to the tunes of the heartbroken
I've heard it before in about 10,000 love songs
But I know this tune, too, has to be sung
That it makes you go restless in Pain
In truths...feel, cry, embrace, feign
There's a time and place for everything
This tragedy, too, has to be seen
And I hope that once you shall rise
And the morning feels different, no tears in eyes
And I hope you learnt wisdom, a thing or two about love
That one day you too could say to another broken heart......
"Feign not for the lover that passed by"