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The Dance Of Death


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Skeletons in my closet, they come out to play,
Almost each and everyday.
I keep to myself alone in the dark despair,
I feel happiest when im out there...
Out in the graveyard late at night,
When the daylight fades and its not so bright.
I hear the voices as they draw me in,
I feel there whispers caress my skin.
See my light fadded long ago but thats alright,
I found myself when i turned off the light.
Iv done things people would say are a sin,
Infact to tell you, i wouldn't know where to begin.
Mum and dad they never stopped trying,
All there pushing me, the screaming the crying.
Until oneday i couldn't take anymore,
I let there blood spill out on the kitchen floor.
I pray to the devil, my god, the father i seek,
What people done to me, it made me weak.
All the rape, the abuse, the way it made me feel,
So i cut my emotions out as if they where never real.
Until one day Lucifer stood before me, i couldn't believe my eyes,
The prince of darkness himself, he heard my crys.
He drew me to him, as we started to dance,
If i wanted to go with him now would be my chance.
I surrendered my soul that night, on my own free will,
He slit me open, as he whispered stand still.
I died that night, and i went straight to hell,
And now my life is BLOODY swell.
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They ask me how is Life?
What can I say, it doesn't really suffice
Describe the pain, if you can take it
Its like a burning coal, set right on my chest
The longer it stays, the deeper the hole,
See pain is an interesting thing
Every night to cry out to God for it to stop
Then He trys to take it away, but you just don't want it to stop
Friends wonder if it is all okay
Asking, "Do you need a hand?"
But the truth is,
I don't want their help
I just want for me to stand