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Very touching love poems


Very touching love poems
Romantic and sensual love poems

I share these few poems about love. Read them and tell me your opinion and if you write love poems yourself share them on i-poem.com.
Read these few very touching love poems ...

Poem of love: I'm waiting for you

I wait for you every day
I'm waiting for you not knowing
If you think about me or not
I hope a little sign of you

Every moment that passes
Make me doubt the meaning of love
Why do you love me so badly
Me who dreams of you as future

If I could conquer you
You would become
my love
I will fulfill all your dreams
But I am only your love
Who will make you forget all your troubles
From me you will have all my love
Forget your worries this time
And open your heart to me

love poems Very touching love poems

Little poem for my love
With the sun's rays
in the morning there is your presence
there is your smile, brimming with sweetness
Your light spreads happiness
And the night keeps your heat
I need you for life
I need you forever
I need you my love
Without you my heart dies.
Poem of love: My love forever
My love you know I love you
I only think of you every day
And I dream of you, every night
My love to the heart so generous
Full of love and sweets for me
You give me happiness and joy
My heart capsized for you
From the first time I saw you
My love you are exceptional
I'll do everything for you
I will never leave you
Because I was waiting for you
I've been waiting for you forever
And now that I've found you
I will keep you forever.
Sad love poem
What is happening to me? Wonder girl crying
Why do you keep me prisoner after all these sorrows
To make me suffer and destroy my smile
To make me cry by lamenting my fate
The flames that grow in the depths of my heart
Will not be extinguished until after the death of my love
Love, you will make me suffer for the rest of my life.
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