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What Might Have Been


New member
Baby, I've been loving you
For quite some time
This feeling I have is new
It almost feels like a crime
Cause I can't have you
And now it's over
What might have been?
Hand in hand, you'd walk me to that night street
Whispering "I treasure you, you are the bestest"
What might have been?
Together, we'd learn something for the first time ever
Our laughters rocking the sky, " You're so clever"
And I wish
We could've been better
If we were meant to be together
Everything's broken
And we had it comin'
Baby, I've been ignoring you
For quite some time
You were 1 of a few
People I've ever rhymed with
Cause I respected you
And so did you feel
What might have been?
Lips overlapping on that rock bench
Hugging each other, it would be the best sense
What might have been?
Falling apart, I'd show you my vulnerable self
Leaning on you, "I need nothing else"
And you wish
You could've told the truth
If you wanted me to soothe
Everything's broken
I knew it all along
Oh, this is the path we chose
So close, wished I could cry
But we tried, it's for the best
So yes...
What might have been?
The real truth you and me would say together
Being honest, "this is what I think of you, no sugar"
What might have been?
Even now, you would talk to me in that kind voice
And I would answer, that's my only choice
And we wish
We could've been better
We weren't meant to be together
Now what will happen?
Can I hope for your action?
Thank you for your time to read this poem. Hope you like it