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Why do people write poems?


Why do people write poems?

It's the human spirit sharing in a way that could be a blessing to others, or just voicing concern, anger, or passing moods. Whatever prompts a poem, it's the decision to write it that creates it in its fullness. So it's like a leap of faith. It's not always easy to write from scratch. Not everyone warms to it, or rises to the challenge. That applies even more if there's no money in it. However, some write because they like to and others because they must. Some believe it's a gift from God, while others believe it's mine to give and mine alone to give. But if truly blessed by God, there may be a divine anointing on a poet that spreads across the decades, even to future generations. Whether we regard God as real or not, if He is real, then He wants to bless Mankind and uses anybody He knows will respond, especially if not seeking to be paid every single time they rhyme. Call these God's free agents, yet they see it as Jesus says, It's better to give than it is to receive... Fortunately, the poet does both.
Publishers make money or go out of business. Poets may never be financially blessed. yet still feel blessed by any success, or any positive feedback. Encourage a poet and maybe you'll bless Mankind...